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Betting has become a source of income for thousands of people around the world. I, among other things, have been making money on games for a long time. But financial strategies and prediction skills alone aren’t enough to ensure profits. To secure large winnings you need to know and be able to correctly use bonuses to your advantage.

Today, I will talk about increasing profits with the help of various promotions. For this, I play with companies that have the most advanced loyalty programs.

The various bonus offers of MostBet
The various bonus offers of MostBet

No company has more bonus programs and tools than MostBet. The site stands out from other well-known companies thanks to its large-scale bonus system, reliability and variety of financial transactions. This bookmaker and online casino is what we’ll be discussing today.

What types of bonuses does MostBet give out

The bonus program of the company provides opportunities for both beginners and regular customers. Let’s list the main types, their descriptions and how they differ from each other.

MostBet deposit bonuses

To clients who have registered on the site for the first time MostBet offers a welcome bonus. All you need to do is choose a suitable ticket when filling out the registration form.

When registering pick a ticket with the bonus you like best
When registering pick a ticket with the bonus you like best

The ticket with the sports betting bonus is chosen by default. It gives up to 125% on the first deposit. The bonus for the casino is the same + an additional 250 free spins.

To activate the bonus offer, you need to make a deposit of at least 150 rupees within 7 days. After that the bonus will be credited to your bonus account. The maximum welcome bonus amount is Rs 25,000. Immediately after the funds are credited you can use them to place bets. After the turnover, this money becomes available for withdrawal.

This is a one time bonus, future deposits will not get one. But, there will be a chance to use promotional codes. These are the same bonuses as when registering, but to get them you will need a promo code. Just type it in when making a deposit. Promo codes are automatically sent to all registered users by email.

MostBet non-deposit bonuses

In addition to loyalty program offers that increase the bonus deposit, MostBet gives out free spins and free bets to its customers. Such bonuses do not work as multipliers, but as an opportunity to place an absolutely free bet.

Free bets let you place a bet on any event in the sport line. You don’t use your money when placing free bets, this means that you don’t lose anything if your bet flops. But you do get the winnings if you bet right. Let me tell you a secret – you can make good money on this. The free bet value depends on your level in the loyalty program. Here any achievement gets rewarded with bonuses.

Free spins can be obtained by playing at MosBet Casino. Free spins work just like free bets, just for slots. You can use them to play in the casino without risking anything. There’s a chance to win free spins in any slot. These free spins can be used only in the slot machine where the player obtained them.

MostBet’s Lucky Ticket promotion

MostBet is constantly running lotteries with cool prizes. Currently there is an opportunity to win the main prize – a Nissan GT-R.

The promotion logo
The promotion logo

To become a participant in the promotion, you need to become the owner of a MostBet ticket. You get tickets daily when you make a deposit.

How many tickets you can get
How many tickets you can get

Let’s say you made a deposit worth 1,590 rupees, which means you will receive 1,500(!) Tickets. The winner is chosen at random. The chance to win directly depends on the number of tickets. The results will be announced on December 4, 2020.

The prizes:

  • Nissan GT-R;
  • A Rolex Cosmograph Daytona;
  • iPhone 11 Pro;
  • free bets for 50,000 rupees and 500 free spins;
  • free bets for 10,000 rupees and 200 free spins;
  • free bets for 5,000 rupees and 100 free spins.
Any valuable prize cannot be transferred or exchanged. Only the person in whose name the account was opened will be able to collect the prize.
Prizes and awards
Prizes and awards

The prizes will be delivered by post. The winners are contacted by the phone number or email that was indicated during registration.

Express bet insurance

Here’s how it works: you make an express bet, at least 7 events with odds of at least 1.7. If one of the bets is off, the player gets all their money back in the form of a free bet. This offer from MostBet has been valid from June 2019 to this day. In order to get a chance to use the free bet, you first need to register. After that, you need to make a bet that meets the conditions of the promotion. The express bet can be made in the Prematch or Live modes

All the details of the promotion can be found on the website
All the details of the promotion can be found on the website
If you guessed all but one of the events’ outcomes correctly, you get a free bet. The free bet is equal to the price of the original bet. If the event is canceled or one of the outcomes is refunded, the player doesn’t get the free bet.

Express booster

An express booster is an option to increase the coupon’s total coefficient without increasing the risk of the bet. In other words, the chance of winning remains the same, but the winnings grow. The booster increases the total multiplier.

To earn money using the express booster, you need to create a coupon with a coefficient above 1.2 and with at least three events. You can choose both regular and live events.

How to use the express booster
How to use the express booster

This is the math behind the express booster: 1 + 0,01 * (N – 2), where N is the number of bets in the express.. Максимально возможный бонусный коэффициент 1.1. The maximum possible bonus coefficient is 1.1. It should be borne in mind that bets using a booster do not count for first deposit turnovers, if the coefficient without the booster does not fit the turnover requirements.


MostBet allows you to cash out your bet. Sometimes this saves you from significant losses. Coupons made up of Live or Prematch events and that gave a special check next to then can be cashed out. The cash out amount can be seen next to the selected coupon.

Examples of when the function can be used
Examples of when the function can be used

With this function you can sell the coupon at any time without having to wait for the event to end. For example, if you think that your favorite team is going to lose this one.

Free bets for regular clients

The prize in the promotion is a free bet worth 50% of the average amount. To get this free bet, you need to place regular or express bets on events with odds greater than 1.3. Only the game balance is taken into account for the purpose of this promotion.

MostBet loyalty program bonuses

Occasionally go to your profile section, complete tasks and get:

  1. higher cashback;
  2. access to exclusive promotions;
  3. exclusive gifts.

The loyalty program is an opportunity to receive coins for certain achievements. The number of MostBet coins you get and their exchange rate depends on a player’s level in the loyalty program. The more achievements you get, the higher your status and the more lucrative the offers.

Loyalty program levels
Loyalty program levels

MostBet coins are the website’s local currency. You get them by performing certain tasks, for example: filling out your profile, verifying your email, etc. The earned coins can be exchanged at a favorable rate. The exchange rate depends on your level in the loyalty program. The more you earn, the higher the level, and the better the exchange rate becomes.


For its clients in India, MostBet offers the same level of service as for players from Europe. When it comes to gifts and promotions MostBet leaves other gambling websites in the dust. With these generous offers you can significantly increase your earnings. You can earn money by participating in the bonus system or by competing for the main prize in the lottery.

Subhash Jha

Subhash Jha
My experience as a player is 9 years. I will try to explain the initial steps as clearly as possible so that you can become a successful gambler in the bookmaker MostBet.

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